Ugandans Living Longer, Better Lives – Finance Minister

Reading the 2017/18 national budget, Minister Matia Kasaija says Ugandans are living much better and longer lives compared to the year 2002.

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Ugandans are living much better and longer lives compared to 15 years ago, the finance minister says.

Reading the 2017/18 national budget in Kampala today, Matia Kasaija, says things like access to safe water, immunization and per capita income of Ugandans are all on an upward trajectory.

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The minister says in order to improve the quality and standard of life of Ugandans further, there is need to increase employment opportunities, reduce land fragmentation, and reduce over reliance on rain-fed agriculture by promoting irrigation.

Kasaija says there is also need to increase agricultural and manufacturing productivity.

According to the World health Organisation (WHO), in a report released in May 2016, life expectancy in Uganda jumped from 58 years in 2013 to 62 years.  This means Ugandans live longer today than they did in 2002, when life expectancy was at 48 years.