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Uganda's IT Market Too Slow For Speedy Sector - Experts :: Uganda Radionetwork

Uganda's IT Market Too Slow For Speedy Sector - Experts

Ali Monzer, the outgoing Chief Technical Information Officer at MTN Uganda says the technology world is running very fast and much faster than the Ugandan consumer can adapt.

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The success of the digital revolution and innovation sector in Uganda is being slowed by the slow response of the corporate sector to change, according to experts.

This is seen in the number of companies, government institutions, agencies, NGOs  and other organisations that have embraced digitisation as a basis of their operations.

Ali Monzer, the outgoing  Chief Technical Information Officer at MTN Uganda says the  technology world is running very fast and much faster than the Ugandan consumer can adapt.

In his view, however, Monzer says Uganda, like most of Africa is ripe for digital investments because everything is is place, though the market is too slow.

He said every organisation must have technology innovation in their strategic plans, which many have not done, to avoid the risk of being suffocated out of business.

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Monzer, who is set to take up a new role as Chief Executive Officer at MTN South Sudan on April 1, was speaking at the first "Fireside Chat" organized by the ICT Association of Uganda in Kampala, where the IT fraternity also bid him farewell.

However, Monzer said the digital revolution process in Uganda has challenges that also include safety and security as well as human resource organisation.

Giving the the example of the mobile money platform that has become the most popular form of access to formal finance, he said innovators should not be discouraged because n their innovations will drive growth and be accepted.

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The fireside chat on the theme: Trends Shaping Organizational Strategy and Innovation and featured Chief Technical Officers, IT executives, policymakers and innovators.

ICTAU Chief Executive Officer, Gideon Nkurunungi said the event came at a time the country was a pivotal moment in the evolution of its digital landscape, where networking was not only an opportunity but essential.

He said that at 7 percent, the contribution of the industry to the national economy remained too low, comparing it to other African countries like Nigeria at 15 percent.

According to him, innovation as well as access to and use of digital tools and technology are being hampered by the inadequate supply of internet services, and the high cost of data and gadgets. He says, however, that the importance of the sector to the economy must grow to at least 15 percent.

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He also cited other challenges that included cyber security, inadequate policies, and the little time put onto innovation by Ugandans compared to their counterparts in other countries.

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Peter Mulimira, the Director Investments ad Business Promotion at the Uganda Investment Authority said that on their part they have made adequate contribution towards innovation including offering incentives like land and tax exemptions to prospective investors.

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