Uganda's Participation in AGOA Improving- US Envoy

Uganda exported Coffee, tea & spices worth US$ 50M, glue & enzymes worth US$6, fish and seafood worth US$2M among others
10 Mar 2019 08:28
A graph showing Ugandas performance over time in AGOA

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Uganda’s exports volume to the United States under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is improving over time as efforts towards the program are being doubled.  

AGOA is a US trade law established in 2,000 and running up to 2025, where sub-Saharan African countries including Uganda export over 6,000 different types of products duty free to the US. Uganda was the USA’s 130th largest supplier of goods in 2017. Goods from Uganda totaled USD 79 million in 2017 up by USD 28 million in 2016. 

Uganda exported Coffee, tea and spices worth USD 50 million, glue and enzymes worth USD 6 million, fish and seafood worth USD 2 million among others. Uganda imported goods worth USD 108 million from the US the same year.

The US Ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Malac, says despite the improved performance of Uganda’s export volumes to the US, it isn’t the best, saying this explains why they are identifying Ugandan businesses with export potential to the US.

  She disclosed this at a press conference she jointly addressed with Tibor Nagy, the United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs at Serena hotel on Saturday. 

Malac said USA is doubling its support to Uganda to attain the standards, and benefit from AGOA. According to Malac, in April this year, in conjunction with the East African trade hub, they will have an AGOA conference to support the traders.

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Tibor Nagy says Uganda has tremendous potential to benefit from AGOA.

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Other countries like Kenya exported goods worth US$572M in 2017, Rwanda US$44M and Tanzania US$124M.

Ugandans have been struggling to meet standards and issues of value addition for their products.

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