ULC Completes Verification Visit of Land Purchased for Oil Palm Growing

ULC together with representatives from Bidco and NOP visited the land in Bugabo, Buwangwe, Majjo and Bubanzi.
Part of land vacated by residents for oil palm project

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The Uganda Land Commission has completed verification of land that was purchased for oil palm growing in Buvuma district.

The delegation led by the Commission’s Chairperson Beatrice Byenkya ended their verification visit on Friday.

Vegetable Oil Development Project-VODP introduced the palm oil growing project in Buvuma district in 2008.  However, the project dragged on because of various challenges including the tedious land acquisition process and delayed compensation of the project affected persons.

The project will operate on 10,000 hectares, 6500 of which will be used by Oil Palm Uganda Ltd-OPUL, a subsidiary of Bidco Uganda that manages palm oil plantations at Kalangala District.

The remaining 3,500 hectares will be utilized by out-growers.

Various purchases and land deals were conducted under before the new project of National Oil Palm-NOP took over. 

However, the process was characterized by complaints of fraudulent acquisition of land scaring off many residents to sell their land for the project to progress. 

ULC together with representatives from Bidco and NOP visited the land in Bugabo, Buwangwe, Majjo and Bubanzi.   Byenkya notes that there have been several complaints from residents especially squatters about unfair and delayed compensations.

“We had to come as one way of fulfilling our mandate of transferring land titles from the names of one person to another, in this case to Oil Palm Uganda who intend to have a lease of 99 years,” Byenkya notes. 

Government targets over 10,000 hectares, 6,500 free of squatters to serve as nucleus estate and the remaining 3,500 hectares to be utilised by out-growers.

According to Buvuma oil palm project focal person Wilson Sserunjogi, 5,000 hectares of land have been secured without encumbrances. He says that they are now ensuring clearing the remaining part of hectares before submitting their titles to the lands commission for inspection and transfer of names.

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