UN Representative wants Increased Support for Elderly and Children in IDP Camps

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The United Nation Secretary General's representative on human rights for internally displaced persons has called for an urgent increase in support to resettle elderly people and child-headed families in Northern Uganda.
Walter Kaelin, who has been on a weeklong working visit to Uganda, told journalists in Kampala that he is concerned that the most vulnerable members of socieity are still living in IDP camps despite the rise in number of families returning home after years of war. He said elerly and children are being abandoned in the camps with no assistance.
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The UN representative warned that land conflicts among returning communities could derail peace efforts in Northern Uganda.
Police statistics from Northern Uganda show a rise in criminal activity in connection with land wrangles. Some of the conflicts have led to death.
Chwa County Member of Parliament, Livingstone Okello Okello echoed Walter Kaelin's statements. He said more money needed to be given to vulnerable groups to ensure equitable development in the region.
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The UN representative met government officers at central and district level, humanitarian organizations and community groups during his visit. He also traveled to the last existing IDP camps and transit sites in Gulu and Pader districts.
Walter Kaelin, an independent consultant and professor of law at University of Bern in Switzerland, has been the Representative of the Secretary-General on the human rights of IDPs since 2004.