UPC Wins Five LCV Seats in Lango

The party won in the five districts of Apac, Alebtong, Amolatar, Kwania and Otuke all came victorious.
The Uganda Peoples’ Congress-UPC party has taken five positions of LCV Chairpersons in the Lango sub-region.  The party won in the districts of Apac, Alebtong, Amolatar, Kwania and Otuke.

In Alebtong, David Kennedy Okello, a UPC candidate won the election with 22,965 votes against NRM’s Patrick Okullo Okeng who got 13,138 votes while in Amolatar, the incumbent also an NRM candidate Simon Peter Ongom lost with 18,020 votes to his vice-chairperson Geoffrey Ocen who got 25,900 votes.

In Apac Odongo Asanti, a UPC candidate won the race with 26,180 votes against NRM’s Okunyu Billy Odur Alex who had 16,505 votes. NRM secured only three positions in the districts of Lira, Kole and Oyam.

Andrew Moses Awany, the former deputy RDC for Pader District was declared as the Chairperson- elect for Kole District under the ticket of NRM.  Awany garnered 24,423 votes while his closest opponent Bonny Okello Alele an Independent candidate got 13,422 votes.

In Kwania, Geoffrey Alex Ogwal Adyebo, UPC candidate was declared the winner. He polled 27,788 votes against Nelson Sadam Abili of the NRM party who garnered 5,705 votes, Basil Anthony Okello Onac Independent 9,446 votes, Jackson Aggrey Etwop-Alliance for National Transformation-ANT candidate polled 811 votes and Geoffrey Amoni Independent polled 267 votes.

However, in Lira, UPC’s Alex Oremo Alot, the incumbent chairperson who garnered 7,750 votes lost to NRM’s Richard Cox McOrik Okello who got 17,200 votes.

It was only in Dokolo district where the incumbent, Fredrick Dickens Odongo alias Kongfu master, an independent candidate after losing the NRM primaries was defeated by FDC’s Apili James Otto.  Otto garnered 16,205 votes while Odongo had 5,764 votes.

Meanwhile, an independent candidate Sam Atul won the Lira City Mayoral race with 12,515 votes beating the incumbent and UPC’s Mike Ogwang Olwa who secured 12,056 votes.