UPDF Mount Fresh Operations against Highway Robbery

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The army in Northern Uganda has launched a fresh offensive against suspected highway robbers on Northern Uganda
The operation by the UPDF stems from increased reports about robbery activities on the major routes in Northern Uganda.
Early this week, robbers staged a fake road block along the Lira -Kitgum road and robbed passengers of eight million shillings. The incident at Pajule in Kitgum also left two people injured after the robbers shot at the passengers.
Capt.Deo Akiiki, the 5th division army spokesperson says the army has been forced to swing into action to root out the suspected robbers. He says the army has received reports that some robbers track their unsuspicious victim's right from the banks.
The army spokesperson says that the Army presence along the routes has been stepped out to control criminal activity. He says that the army has launched a highly coordinated joint intelligent network, involving the police and other security organisations.