Vendors at Namugongo Feel Pinch of Alcohol Ban

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Food and Alcohol vendors at Namugongo Martyrs shrine have started to feel the pinch of the ban on sales.
The organisers of this Years Martyrs day on Monday announced a ban on the sale of Alcohol on grounds that it was a recipe for chaos.
But pilgrims coming from all corners of the world to pay homage to the martyrs at the Namugongo shrine, always require food and refreshments.
Martyrs day celebrations always mean reaping big for food and drink vendors.
But this year, these business people who always set up their stalls days before June 3 are witnessing a turn of events. Traders are crying foul over the losses arising from the ban.
Fatuma Nabutya is one of the many vendors suffering the loss.
//Cue in: iMost of our customers#
Cue out#selling at all.i//
Steven Mugarura, a soft drink vendor says that the alcohol ban, could stiffle his sales. since he set his stall up yesterday, he has sold only 5 crates of soda.
The few customers they would have had, Nabutya adds, are being kept away by the high cost of the food being served. Fatuma says that the increase in the market food prices has forced the vendors to also hike their prices. But as it turns out, this too is costing them.
Fatuma says she has been forced to pour or re-warm some of the food she prepared yesterday.
Some traders though, hope that with tomorrow's crowd, they shall be able to sneak in some alcohol and make a quick sale. But the organizers say they trust their security to take care of such, as Brendan Katsyaba, the Kabale Diocese Media Liaison Officer, explains.
//Cue in: We have put in place#
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The traders are also complaining about the high tolls they have to pay to the town council before one can set up a stall.
They say that where as one would pay 2000 shillings to operate for three days previously, this time around they have been asked to pay 3000 shillings for each day of business.