Lugazi Vendors Fight For Stalls In New Market

Vendors of kinyoro market in lugazi municipality in Buikwe district fight for stalls after the mayor of lugazi launched a new market worth 45 million shillings that was built by the municipality to accommodate all vendors in kinyoro.
Kinyoro market vendors explaining to Mayor Lugazi after the launch

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 Vendors of Kinyoro market in Lugazi municipality in Buikwe district on Saturday were engaged in fights for stalls in the new market.

The mayor of Lugazi, Deo Uumwesigye Mbabazi launched the new market worth Uganda Shillings 45 million that was built by the municipality with an aim of accommodating all vendors in Kinyoro.  

Kinyoro market vendors were promised a market that would accommodate all of them since they were working under poor conditions.

The Mayor Mbabazi, the mayor of Lugazi launched a new market that is capable of accommodating over 150 vendors but only 120 vendors were able to register in this market.  

After launching the Mayor urged the vendors to keep the market in a good condition to help the municipality also to plan for other things in Lugazi municipality like roads.  

He called upon all vendors especially women to apply for the loans at the municipality to help them add capital into their businesses.

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Francis Nyamugo, the town clerk of Lugazi municipality used the opportunity to inform all the vendors on the streets that they are going to demolish all kiosks and sign posts that are in the road reserve in a way of beautifying the town also improve the order of trade in Lugazi.

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However, when the names were read for those that are going to join the new market, only new names were read and no old member had gotten a stall.  

This forced them to demand the chairman of the market why their names were not on the list and therefore they decided to stand in the market at different stalls saying they will not leave until their names are put on the list  

Sarah Nalumansi who has been working in the old market for over 20 years says that it is unfair for a new person to be given a stall in this market and yet the people who have been there are not considered. 

Those who managed to get said that although the municipality had built for them a market, they do not want to increase the tax they have been paying because of a new market.

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Ahmed Jjunju, the chairman of Kinyoro vendors market was also surprised to see the list with news of new members in this market while those for the old ones are missing.

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