Vicks Kingo Blocked From Seconding His Son

Kingo threatened that "when" he becomes president, he will change the entire Electoral Commission because they make it so hard and complicated for people to freely exercise their rights as Ugandans
21 Sep 2020 18:23
An EC official explaining to Isiah Kavuma, a mayoral aspirant for Kampala Central Divison, that his documents do not meet with the requirements to be nominated

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An exchange has erupted between former presidential aspirant Ainebyona Vicks Kingo and electoral officials at the Kampala central division EC offices as they blocked him from seconding his son, Mordy Ainebyona to be nominated for the seat of LCIII councilor.


Mordy Ainebyona, Kingo’s last born is the official FDC flag bearer LCIII councilor industrial area and a former aspirant of the Nakawa MP seat who was convinced by the party to leave the 2016 race for Micheal Kabaziguruka. 

Today he presented his filled forms, but with two of the people seconding him not qualifying to do so according to EC requirements.  

After scrutiny, the EC officials returned the forms asking him to replace his father Vicks-Kingo and one other seconder with other two candidates who are registered voters of the area for which he is seeking nomination in the 2021 elections. 

Vicks-Kingo took on the electoral officials trying to present evidence claiming that he has houses in most parishes in Kampala, and therefore he qualifies to second anyone in any part of Kampala. 

While his son calmed him down so that he would rectify the issue with the EC officials, Kingo started threatening that when he becomes president, he will change the entire electoral commission because they make it so hard and complicated for people to freely exercise their rights as Ugandans.  

//''Cue in: “So we need someone from central…….

Cue out: ……..I should change the electoral commission.”//

''We later talked to Kingo’s son Ainebyona who explained to us that he had wished to have his father among his seconders, but it wasn’t possible and he had to calm his father down explaining to him that it’s the law that has rejected him, not the EC officials. 


//''Cue in: “Normally it’s the process, …….

Cue out: ……..refusing him to second me.”//


//''Cue in: “Taata alina okumanya nti…….

Cue out: ……..ogumpeebwa abantu mbawereze.”//

Meanwhile, one of the Kampala central division mayoral aspirants Isiah Kavuma’s request for nomination has been turned down by EC officials citing inconsistence in his academic documents.  

Kavuma said it was a minor issue that caused him problems and that he had gone back to rectify it so that he would come back for the nomination as an independent candidate. 

//''Cue in: “Aaah, Mbebale mwenna abawagizi…….

Cue out: ……..Kampala yaffe, fenna tukole.”//