Violence Reigns as Villa Beats Masaka

30 Nov 2010 19:49

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Police last evening fired in the air to disperse rowdy football fans of Masaka Local Council football club. Trouble started in the 85th minute of the game, when Ronald Lukungu, Masaka LC Football captain handled the ball in the penalty area during their super league match with SC Villa.

The match referee David Kalema, awarded sports club Villa a penalty, and also gave Lukungu a red card drawing protests from Masaka LC fans. Masaka LC fans stormed the football pitch, pounced on Kalema and beat him into pulp.

The Masaka fans accused Kalema of poor match refereeing. As a result Police that was deployed to maintain law and order started firing live bullets in the air to disperse the rowdy Masaka LC fans.

Paul Kiwanuka, the match assessor said that Kalema was right to award SC Villa a penalty kick because Lukungu intentionally handled the ball. Kiwanuka condemned the violence exhibited by Masaka supporters.

// Cue in: "Football is..."

Cue out: ".....fair play."//

But Lukungu, the Masaka LC captain said that referee's decision was harsh. Lukungu explains that he controlled the ball using his chest but was shocked when the referee showed him a red card instead.

Lukungu alleged that throughout the game, the referee had shown bias against Masaka LC. He said that both the penalty and the first goal they conceded were unfair.

// Cue in: "I don't know..."

Cue out: "....first goal was offside."//

The game had to be suspended for over 10 minutes until when more policemen were deployed before the penalty was taken.

James Magara, the Masaka LC Head coach said their controversial loss leaves them on the verge of relegation from Super League.

He explained that they have only managed to gather just eight points which means that if they don't win the remaining next three matches, they will be out of the league.

Masaka LC has to play URA, Express FC and Simba FC. Villa won the match by 2-0.