Man Earns Life Sentence for Killing Woman in Wakiso

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Justice Basaza found Kaweesa guilty of murdering, Annet Nakabugo. The convict is also implicated for raping and murdering eight other women who were killed in a similar manner in Nansana in 2017.
Ibrahim Kaweesi on the far right being taken to back to court cells. He was sentence to life imprisionment .
A man in Wakiso district has earned himself a life sentence for murder. Lady Justice, Patricia Basaza Wassawa convicted Ibrahim Kaweesa alias Tetemwe on Monday afternoon in a High court session sitting in Wakiso Magistrate's court.

Justice Basaza found Kaweesa guilty of murdering, Annet Nakabugo, a resident of Wakiso district. The convict is also implicated for raping and murdering eight other women who were killed in a similar manner in Nansana in 2017. The women were strangled to death; sticks inserted in their private parts before dumping their bodies were dumped in bushes.  

Prior to his conviction and sentence, prosecution told court that on June 6, 2017 at Kiteredde Village in Kakiri Town Council, the convict together with others still at large with malice a fore thought caused by manual strangulation the death of Nakabugo after having sex with her.  

Kaweesa had been charged together with Ronald Paul Kibirege whom court acquitted because of the failure by prosecution to adduce enough evidence placing him at the scene of crime. Prosecution placed Kaweesa at the scene of crime through a DNA analysis report to the effect that his semen was found in the deceased’s vagina. Prosecution also noted that accused had also left his jacket at the crime scene. 

Although Kaweesa, who is an ex-convict, admitted to have had sex with Nakabugo, among other women who were found dead, he pleaded not guilty to the charges. “It is true that I had sex with several prostitutes and I would just hear that the women have died. I didn’t kill any of them,” Kaweesa told court during the trail.    

In her judgment, Justice Basaza noted that by his own confession, Kaweesa was the last person to have seen the deceased prior to her death and therefore bore full responsibility for her death in the absence of a satisfactory explanation.  

“The law presumes that the person that was last seen with the deceased bear full responsibility for her death. It is the duty of the accused to give an explanation relating to how the deceased met her death in such circumstances, and in absence of a satisfactory explanation, the court is justified in drawing the inference that the accused person killed the deceased,” she stated.   

To confirm that Kaweesa murdered Nakabugo, the state also produced a second DNA report showing that the convict’s sperms were found in virginal swap of Stella Nanfuma who was killed in a similar manner.  Justice Basaza says the fact that Kaweesa had sex with Nanfuma on the eve of her death, and the other dead Nansana women, is admissible evidence offering significant corroboration. 

“The features in these Nansana women murders were unique and strikingly similar. The victims were all women, their assailants first played sex with them immediately preceding their death and all hailed from the same locality and all had a link with the accused,” Basaza argued.

Adding that, “She found no co-existing factors that weaken or destroy the inference of Kaweesa’s guilt.” Justice Basaza explained that she found it more than appropriate to give Kaweesa a harsh sentence in the interest of the public and protecting society from people of his character.   

Kaweesa’s lawyer, Godfrey Sserwanga noted that his client wasn’t satisfied with both the conviction and the sentence, saying they intend to appeal. Wakiso Senior Resident State Attorney, Emily Ninsiima, says Kaweesa will return to the same court this week on charges of murdering another woman. 

Other female murders linked to Kaweesa include that of Juliet Nampijja, Patricia Nansubuga, Maria Birungi, Josephine Nakazibwe, Teddy Nakacwa, Juliet Kyandali, Gorreti Nansubuga and Nanfuma Stella.  Several people had been picked up by police in relation to the murders. 

However, the Director of Public Prosecution dropped charges against 12 suspects including Tina Prosper Nantongo, a wife to Kaweesa.