Inspectorate of Government Still Credible - Mulyagonja

Mulyagonja said the IG is underfunded and cannot be expected to perform its mandate under the circumstances.

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The Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja has said the Inspectorate of Governmeng is still strong and credible despite comments by President Museveni about its credibility.

President Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday annonhced the formation of a new anti-corruption unit which will work under the presidents office, with the same mandate as the Inspectorate of Government. The unit will be headed by the former Uganda National Teachers' Union Secretary General James Tweheyo.  

He said that said that the Inspectorate of Government had failed to execute its mandate forcing him to create a parallel unit to address the rampant cases of corruption in the country adding  that corruption by government officials was interfering with the patriotic attitude of freedom fighters and breeding a cluster of people who want to pick money for every little act.

But Mulyagonja said the IG is underfunded, understaffed and unequipped to perform its mandate. She said the problem could be some investors who run to the president claiming they are being asked for bribes yet they cannot come to the IG since both parties can be investigated.

She added that world over, cases of corruption are challenging especially where someone claims he or she was bribed but has no evidence.

She called on the president to channel the money to the IGG instead of giving it to the new team.According to Mulyagonja sometimes they delay because they do not have the capacity to implement what they desire in as far as they are concerned.

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The IG Gets close to 45 billion Shillings annually to fight corruption. The Inspectorate of Government is an independent institution charged with the responsibility of eliminating corruption, abuse of authority and of public office.