West Lango Bishop Elect To Focus on Tolerance, Unity

Incoming Bishop of West Lango Diocese Julius Ceaser Nina has said his leadership will focus on Unity, cooperation and coexistence among Ugandans.
Nina on the left and Acur in a press conference at All saints Nakasero

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The Bishop Elect of West Lango Diocese Julius Ceaser Nina has said his leadership will focus on Unity, cooperation and unity. 

Nina, who has served as a church leader for the past 34 years as diocesan treasurer for five years, Archdeacon for Kiryandongo for three years and also coordinator for Bunyoro Inter-religious council for 11 years replaces Alfred Acur, who retires effective 15th December.

Nina was elected on 27th August by the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church. Acur was the first Bishop of the Lango West Diocese created only four years ago.

Addressing the press on Thursday at All Saints Cathedral in Kampala, Nina told journalists that since he grew up in a polygamous family, a family of conflict, confusion and lack of guidance, he hopes to preach unity, cooperation and coexistence of Ugandans with Christ at the centre of it.

He says the country is full of conflicts, issues of witchcraft, murder and tribalism which is affecting their love for each other and his leadership will focus on building people.   

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Acur on his part says he opted to retire because his time has come and pledged to give Nina all the necessary support. Acur asked Nina to follow God throughout the leadership of the West Lango diocese and remain focused.

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Nina will be consecrated on 15th December at St Peters Cathedral in Aduku in Apac district where the seat for the West Lango Diocese is found.

Emmy Okello, the mobilizer of the consecration function notes that many people have come in to support the consecration, and so far they have raised 150 million shillings, but are still looking for 200 million.

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The Diocese will on Sunday hold a fundraising drive for the consecration at St Luke Ntinda.

Nina was born on 29th November 1968 in Ayer-Tekidi Village, Kole District. He studied a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Uganda Christian University and trained in financial management from CORAT-Africa in Nairobi.

Nina is married to Janet Nina and God has blessed them with four children.                 

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