Wobulenzi Town Clerk Accused of Swindling Funds

Councilors in Wobulenzi have accused the town council clerk of swindling over 6 millions shillings that were meant to rehabilitate the public toilet and install street lights.
Wobulenzi town council is accusing the town clerk of swindling more than six million shillings. The money was intended for the rehabilitation of  a public toilet and installation of street lights.

The councilors allege that the council disbursed 6.6 million shillings to install power , water, rehabiliate the public toilet in Wobulenzi Taxi Park ,street lights. But the town clerk, Joseph Ssebudde, paid only part of the money to paint, fix two ooden doors, buy one street light.

The Wobulenzi Youth councilor Francis Kiwanuka says that the town clerk flouted the procurement guidelines. He did not consult the councillors about the intended expenditures.

Kiwanuka explains that the town clerk has so far refused to account for the money that was disbursed to him.

Zaake Balyejusa, the Wobulenzi East Ward councillor, accuses the town clerk of usurping the powers of some departments which are responsible for purchasing and procurement of equipment and services.

The councilors have anonymously resolved  to boycott council committees that are supposed to resume their work in January 2012, pending the submission of an accountability.

The councilors have also vowed to petition the District Chief Administrative Officer Christopher Kyomya and Inspector General of Government Rapheal Baku to investigate the town clerk.

The town cl;erk has however denied any wrongdoing. He explained that he has all the vouchers to show how the money was spent.

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