Woman Suspected of Killing Husband who Couldn't Satisfy her Marital Needs

Chairman Imran Kasiko says that the Bwondha men depend more on women for economic survival and if the men fail to fulfill their conjugal obligations to the women, it creates room for frequent domestic violence cases in the community.

Police in Mayuge district is hunting for 35 year old Beatrice Kabasa, a resident of Central market zone in Bwondha town council, who is reported to have killed her 52 year old husband, Mako Kwiri, before fleeing into hiding.

Kabasa reportedly hit Kwiri with a pestle in the head on Sunday night, before rolling his lifeless body across the road as a means of manipulating evidence against her. However, when residents questioned why there were blood stains in their kitchen, she quietly escaped from the scene of crime.

The deceased's body has been since taken to Mayuge health center IV awaiting postmortem. 

Imuran Kasiko, the area village chairperson says that the couple has been embroiled in endless fights over conjugal rights. 

“Ever since this year began, we have held about ten meetings aimed at solving that particular couple’s challenges. Kabasa has openly accused Kwiri of failure to satisfy her sexual desires, despite their marital status over the past five years. This bred a fertile ground for domestic violence to thrive in their home.

"We even referred their matter to Bwondha police station for further management but their wars continued despite our relentless measures taken to ensure that peace prevails in their home,” the chairman adds.

Kasiko explains that within their village, wives are financially stronger than their male partners and own most of the household property. 

As such, the Bwondha men depend more on women for economic survival and if they fail to fulfill their conjugal obligations to them, it creates room for constant domestic violence cases in the community. 

Meanwhile, the Busoga east police spokesperson, James Mubi confirms the incident adding that, efforts of tracking down the suspect are underway and she is likely to face murder charges.