Women Asked to Embrace Regular Cervical Cancer Testing

According to Augustine Muserero, the President Rotary Club of Kasese many women were silently dying with the disease which can be contained if diagnosed in its early stages.

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Women have been urged to embrace regular cervical cancer screening. 

The appeal was made by the President of the Rotary Club of Kasese, Augustine Muserero at Mayor's Gardens in Kasese town shortly after the 2018 Rotary Cancer Run.

Cancer of the cervix is the commonest gynaecological illness among women in Uganda contributing about 80% of all female illinesses. It is the leading cause of cancer related deaths in females in Uganda.

According to Muserero, many women were silently dying with the disease which can be contained if diagnosed in its early stages.

Muserero urges women to use any opportunity that comes their way to test for cancer of the cervix such that they start early medication.

//Cue in: “The revelations are….”
Cue out: “….step and test.”// 

Fifteen percent of women who turned-up at Kasese Community and Medical Center during the health camp tested positive to cervical cancer.  The camp was one of activities of the 2018 Cancer run. 

Muserero  also appealed to all people to involve themselves in activities geared towards the elimination of all the different types of Cancer.

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Jesca Twakirane from Kasese Community Medical Centre called on women to make more regular and frequent tests of the disease so as to contain it in its initial stages.

She said that some women are the bread winners of their families and therefore should take their lives more seriously.

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Cue out: “…. doctor's prescription.”//

Twakirane also warned all people against bad life practices like poor eating habits and lack of physical exercises which she said increases risks of contracting cancerous diseases.

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Cue out: “….. a lot of exercises.”//

Rotary with Centenary Bank, organized the 2018 cancer run in which more than 700 million has been collected to facilitate the construction of two linear accelerators bunkers at Nsambya Hospital with a hope to fight the monstrous cancerous diseases.