Modern Steel International Workers Strike Over Low Pay

Over 500 workers at Modern Steel International on kyaggwe road in njeru municipality have today demonstrated over low pay and lack of protective gears at work.
Police trying to calm the workers at the factory

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Workers at Modern Steel International on Kyaggwe Road in Njeru municipality have today gone on strike over low pay and lack of protective gear at work.

The workers who were over 500 started the demonstration in the morning hours after they switched off the machines and started demanding to meet their bosses.

A group of workers led by a one Golola said they want an increment in their salary by 50% and if management fails to do so they will not operate the machines again.

Besides that, they also said that they do not have protective gear to help them in carrying the steel that is manufactured in this factory where we make iron bars.

//cue in: “loud noise… Cue out…for what?”//

Police later arrived at the scene to calm the situation but all was impossible until the owner of the company only known as Patel arrived.

Workers never allowed him to explain as he remained locked in the office.

//cue in: “we agree on what… Cue out…tugende wali”//

By press time, a meeting between top management and workers was on-going.

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