Workers' MP to Table Two Bills on Labour's Worth

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Workers' Member of Parliament, Sam Lyomoki is working on two Private Members Bills to present to Parliament on labour's worth.
The bills include the Income Tax Amendment Bill which seeks the taxable income to be increased from 130,000 shillings to 235,000 shillings.
Lyomoki says that increasing the taxable income will save low income earners from being taxed.
//Cue in: iWe are raising the threshold#
Cue out: #exempted from taxation.i//
Lyomoki said that the other issue the Income Tax Amendment Bill will addressed is the removal of taxes from certain allowances like lunch and housing.
The second bill, the Public Service Negotiating Machinery Bill implores government to negotiate salaries of workers before incorporating them in the budget every year.
//Cue in: iIt provides for negotiations#
Cue out: year negotiate for the salariesi//
However, State Minister in charge of Labour, Employment and Industrial relations, Mwesigwa Rukutana insists that the Employment bill 2006, which was passed this year by the 7th Parliament, addresses all those issues.