Masafu General Hospital X-Ray Machine Remains Non-functional Eight Years After Installation

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Adam Masaba, the radiographer at Masafu hospital, says that the machine has never operated ever it was installed.
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The X-ray machine at Masafu General Hospital in Busia district has remained idle since it was installed. The Japanese International Cooperation Agency- JICA donated the Proteus XR/I machine to Masafu hospital through Ministry of Health in 2013.

Adam Masaba, the radiographer at Masafu hospital, says that the machine has never operated ever it was installed. He says that shortly after the installation of the x-ray machine, they realised that it has a faulty motherboard that supplies electricity to the stabilizer. 

According to Masaba, the motherboard was damaged shortly after the machine was installed in 2013. He says that need experts to repair the motherboard because the machine was assembled by the donor themselves.   English audio:


//Cue in: "After like two, three...  

Cue out:...machines are down,"//

Dr. Ibrahim Dula, the acting Medical Superintendent of Masafu hospital, says that they have written several letters to different development partners and the Ministry of Health for assistance to remain the machine in vain.

Dr. Dula says that they received visitors last year including Robinah Nabanja, the then General Duties Health Minister, who pledged to provide them a new X-ray machine but nothing has been done.  

English audio:

//Cue in: "We had Nabanja here...


Cue out:...beyond what, repair,"//

Francis Mugeni, Catherine Ajambo Namude, Shatta Wamagero and Moses Mukaga, some of the residents says that they don't know why they have to take patients in need X-ray services to private health facilities when the machine at the facility is lying idle.

They appealed to the government to intervene. Moses Mukaga says that they last heard in 2013 that the hospital received an X-ray machine but since then there is no change. Mukaga says that they are facing the challenge of the high X-ray service charges in private health facilities.   

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//Cue in: "Mudwaliiro lyeffe ehulundu...


Cue out:...koti eya X-ray,"//

Shatta Wamagero, another resident wonders how a new X-ray machine got spoiled even before providing a service to the beneficiaries.


Samia audio:


//Cue in: "X-ray eyo effe koti...

Cue out:...saayi ahasende hadinyiri,"//

Francis Mugeni, another resident says that he is stranded with his father of 54years who is in need of X-ray services.  He explains that whenever the patient is taken to Masafu hospital, they are referred to Mbale Regional referral hospital where they are unable to reach due to lack of funds.

Samia audio:

//Cue in: "Obwadieri bwene butuletera...


Cue out:...Busia ebiwumaho esokoni,"//

Stephen Mugeni Wasike, the Busia district LC V chairperson, says that they are going to follow up on the people who pledged to repair the X-ray machine. He also says that they will write to the central government for support to buy a new machine.

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