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Yumbe School In Crisis Over Lack Of Sanitary Facilities :: Uganda Radionetwork

Yumbe School In Crisis Over Lack Of Sanitary Facilities

The school which is located along the Yumbe-Koboko border currently operates without a pit latrine after the only 5-stanch pit latrine is out of use due to its dilapidated structure. The schools equally lack bathing shelters and change rooms for girls since due to shortage of classrooms.
Out of use 5-stanch pit latrine at Lamgba Primary school in Yumbe (Courtesy Photo)

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Lamgba Primary School in Arilo sub-county, Yumbe district is struggling to provide proper menstrual hygiene management due to lack of Sanitation facilities.

The school which is located along the Yumbe-Koboko border currently operates without a pit latrine. Its lone 5-stance pit latrine is out of use and has been condemned. Yet still, the school does not have bathing shelters and changing rooms for girls.

Night Rose Driciru, the Senior Woman Teacher of the school explains that the appalling sanitation situation in the school normally forces girls in their menstrual periods to take baths in the nearby bush and wait until the clothes they had washed get dry while others have since dropped out of the school.

“We always find it hard to help the girls who are in their menstrual periods. There is no privacy at the school since sanitation facilities are lacking. Our girls now take baths in the bush which exposes them to greater risks like snake bites,” she said.

Samuel Enata, the deputy head teacher of the school says that before the only pit latrine in the school was condemned, it was shared by the boys, girls and the teachers. According to Enata, the schools cannot build new latrines since their Universal Primary Education (UPE) capitation grants are meagre.

“The issue of teachers sharing toilets with pupils is not new. As a school we receive a UPE capitation grant of only two million shillings which cannot build new latrines in the schools since it's expensive, " said Enata.

Meanwhile, Bashir Wani, a primary three pupil at the school narrated that they are forced to run back home to answer nature's call while some pupils defecate in the bush.

But Rasul Drajiga, the Yumbe senior Assistant Chief Administrative officer blamed the delayed intervention of the district on the late reporting of the matter by school authorities. He further notes that the district has taken a position to construct a new latrine without any undue delay.

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Lamgba Primary School which started operating in 1998 as a community primary school was later grand aided by the government in 2004. The school has an enrollment of 301 pupils according to records at the District education department.

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